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March2017print/magazineWild Foods
SHAPE Magazine
SHAPE Magazine
March2017print/onlineAsk Well: Red Cabbage vs. BlueberriesNew York Times
April2017onlineRed Cabbage vs. Power Blueberries
The Straits Times
May2017printHouston: We have tomatoes CALS Magazine
June2017print/onlineNorth Carolina lawmakers fund food manufacturing center developed by N.C. State and Kannapolis researchersTriangle Business Journal
June2017televisionPublic Broadcasting System. Brenda Watson: Food AllergiesPBS:
Natural Health Breakthroughs
July2017print/magazineHealth/Good Living: The Summer Effect (text by Louisa Kamps)Martha Stewart Living July 2017
September2017televisionWABI TV Bar Harbor, ME local newsWABI
TV News
October 2017printMaineBizMaineBizJournal
November 2017print/onlineNew York Times: Do Prepackaged Salad Greens Lose Their Nutrients?New York Times
November2017print/onlineSHAPE, November 17 2017The Health Benefits of Purple Foods—Plus 3 to Add to Your Grocery List. Marnie Schwartz, writerShape Times