Nathalie Plundrich

Title: PhD Candidate


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My research focuses on a novel approach to complex allergenic food protein sources with plant polyphenols ultimately resulting in a dry, stable hypoallergenic food ingredient with potential use in immunotherapy and food applications. The complexation technique takes advantage of 1) the natural affinity of medium polarity polyphenolic compounds to food proteins, and 2) the independent ability of polyphenolic phytochemicals to immunomodulate in food allergies. Studies with peanuts (in the form of peanut flour) have shown that the binding of polyphenolic compounds to peanut proteins resulted in stable peanut protein-polyphenol complexes with attenuated allergenicity (IgE binding epitopes were masked or altered). We hypothesize that this approach can similarly non-specifically bind selected plant polyphenols to egg, soy and milk allergenic proteins, decreasing their immunoreactivity.